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Macaroons to Make You Swoon

As a kid one of my favorite things about Passover was the macaroons. Purchased in cans, I often grabbed one or two as I went through the kitchen and they were gone all too soon.  Then, the summer  I graduated... read more

Fitting Chocolate into Vegan Lifestyle?

With a hope to present her family a sweet treat, my friend Jana Brown modified a recipe for Turtles from Forks and Beans.  Using ChiamMaya Chocolate for the first time, she found the flavor was delightful and the youngster in charge of cleaning... read more

Snowed in Again?

This has been a pretty rough winter for much of the eastern half of the United States, but perhaps this latest forecasted storm is causing more stress than the others. First of all, it follows a beautiful day in many... read more

In Search of the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

I grew up baking Toll House cookies, and that is always my "go to" recipe for years and years. I preferred a chewy cookie to a crunchie cookie so I used vegetable shortening instead of butter.In recent years I have... read more

Savory Chocolate: Chicken Mole

What's a dieting chocoholic to do? So many of us start diets on January 1 and Valentines Day looms ahead, a temptation that is all but impossible to ignore. How can we make it through?  So many little time.Be... read more

No Fail Pleasure

This time of year we all overeat. I think that is a safe statement, although perhaps YOU know someone who is very good about sticking to their regular diet.To me, this time of year is the ONE time of the... read more

Holiday Baking

Last week the house smelled great. Not that it usually smells bad but the difference was amazing. I was doing my holiday baking.My mom baked a lot and I admittedly have a sweet tooth, so I like to bake., In... read more

Homemade Nutella is AMAZING!!!!

I first tasted Nutella on a trip to Europe in 1981. It was okay but I was not so impressed that I needed to buy a lot and bring it home. Of course, it is now available here in the... read more

Feeling Better?

I was concerned a bit about you. You ate all those candy bars yesterday for Halloween. And your system let you know about it too I bet. So, okay, live and learn.Most of us love sweets. I know I do.... read more

Yes! It IS good for you!

Increasing reports indicate that chocolate is a great source for bioflavonoids which help maintain cardiovascular health as well as provide anti-oxidants to fight cancer. Chocolate can also help reduce stress, help reduce blood pressure and regulate clotting inside your blood vessels.... read more


I do not remember when it happened but I bet I was a small child. I've always known I preferred chocolate to vanilla. No contest!!Hello, I'm Beth and I'm a chocoholic. I will be teasing you with tidbits about chocolate... read more

Chiammaya Total Chocolate Indulgence Chocolate Fudge Revision 3-- Mexican Custom Crafted Chocolate - ChiamMaya

  Chiammaya Total Chocolate Indulgence Chocolate Fudge  1.5 tablespoons butter ( I use the butter wrapper to grease the pan) 1 cup half-and-half 5 tablespoon corn syrup2  cups sugar 3/4 Cups Brown sugar 4 ounces CHIAMMAYA Total Chocolate Indulgence 1.5... read more

Aztec Hot fudge sauce-- Mexican Custom Crafted Chocolate - ChiamMaya

Aztec Hot fudge sauce 1 cup sugar 3 cups cream 1/4 cup light corn syrup 4 ounces CHIAMMAYA Total Chocolate Indulgence 1/4 cup butter OPTIONAL:a pinch of chianne pepper 1 tablespoon vanilla extract Put it all (except the vanilla) in... read more

Chiammaya Total Chocolate Indulgence Chocolate Fudge-- Mexican Custom Crafted Chocolate - ChiamMaya

Chiammaya Total Chocolate Indulgence Chocolate Fudge 2 3/4 cups sugar 4 ounces CHIAMMAYA Total Chocolate Indulgence 3 tablespoons butter ( I use the butter wrapper to grease the pan) 1 cup half-and-half 5 tablespoon corn syrup 1 tablespoon vanilla extract... read more

Chiammaya Truffles-- Mexican Custom Crafted Chocolate - ChiamMaya

1/2 Cup Heavy Cream1 Pound Chiammaya American or Aztec Blend Chocolate coarsely chopped1.5 Sticks of butter but into small pieces1 Cup quality coco powderPlace all ingredients into a heatproof container -- I use a large measuring cup -- and place in the... read more

Chiammaya Brownies

Mexican Chocolate brownies•    0.75 cup butter •    4 oz CHIAMMAYA custom crafted chocolate, American Blend•    4 eggs•    1.5 cups flour•    0.5 teaspoon salt•    1.5 teaspoon vanilla extract (use good vanilla, not artificial vanilla)•    1.75 cups coarsely chopped walnutsPreheat oven to... read more

Chiammaya Rich and Lucious Fudge

•    1 large can carnation evaporated milk •    2 sticks butter•    4 cups of sugar•    1 teaspoon vanilla•    13 oz. jar marshmallow cream•    1 lb Chiammaya American blend chocolate•    2-3 cup walnuts•    In a deep pan, combine cream sugar and... read more

Flourless Chocolate Cake

This cake ALWAYS gets raves!  Sinfully chocolaty and rich beyond belief   1          lb         Chiammaya custom crafted chocolate, Chocolate lovers blend blend, finely chopped 1          c          minus 1 tablespoon heavy cream 2          T          sugar 1/2... read more

REAL Hot Chocolate


ChiamMaya is a USA-based supplier of custom-blended chocolate made to customer specifications. ChiamMaya takes whole Cacao beans, hand-grinds them and adds almonds and sugar. A second hand-grinding ensures a smooth, consistent texture. The result is custom-crafted ../chocolate in the centuries old Mayan tradition. Use ChiamMaya chocolate in recipies like fudge, chocolate brownies, or enjoy it as the main ingredient of the best hot chocolate you'll ever have.

ChiamMaya can be ordered online, custom blended and shipped anywhere in the world - fast, convenient and definitely decadent chocolate - food of the gods.


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The Chiammaya Store

Chiammaya Sampler Pack
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Chiammaya Sampler Pack
Sampler Pack
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Chiammaya Total Chocolate Indulgence
Total Chocolate Indulgence
For the true chocoholic, our rich robust 71% cacao blend.

Chiammaya Chocolate Lovers Blend
Chocolate Lovers Blend
Much like our Mayan blend but not quite as sweet, we mix it so you get 41% cacao.

Chiammaya Sweet Chocolate Dreams
Sweet Chocolate Dreams
Made in the Mexican tradition and enjoyed for thousands of years, this blend is custom crafted to achieve 32% cacao.

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