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Chiammaya Mexican Chocolate

ChiamMaya Chocolate is Chocolate in the centuries-old Mexican tradition. Fresh, organic cacao is stone-ground and blended with pure cane sugar, almonds and cinnamon to create an authentic, ageless chocolate whose recipe still survives today in the Mexican tradition.

We create three different blends - Sweet Chocolate Dreams, a sweet recipe in the Mexican tradition; Total Chocolate Indulgence, a bittersweet concoction for real chocolate lovers and Chocolate Lovers Blend, slightly less sweet Chocolate for the US palette.

At, you'll find insightful commentary on the world of Mexican-style Chocolate, Chocolate recipes, news about chocolate, and of course, you can buy ChiamMaya Chocolate right here online.

We invite discussion and comment on all of our Chocolate. Feel free to leave your thoughts by signing in and becoming an active member of the Chiammaya Custom Crafted Chocolate community.

We'll also be posting our travel schedule here to fairs and food expos around the US. Come see us make custom chocolate at an event near you.

The Chiammaya Store

Chiammaya Sampler Pack
NEW Gift Pack
Looking for a special gift for that hard to find friend?

Chiammaya Sampler Pack
Sampler Pack
Try all our delicious chocolate blends in this new 3-pack.

Chiammaya Total Chocolate Indulgence
Total Chocolate Indulgence
For the true chocoholic, our rich robust 71% cacao blend.

Chiammaya Chocolate Lovers Blend
Chocolate Lovers Blend
Much like our Mayan blend but not quite as sweet, we mix it so you get 41% cacao.

Chiammaya Sweet Chocolate Dreams
Sweet Chocolate Dreams
Made in the Mexican tradition and enjoyed for thousands of years, this blend is custom crafted to achieve 32% cacao.

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